Why It Works

Why It Works


Consumers Use Seacoast Savings

Seacoast Savings Magazine is now reaching almost 300,000 readers per mailing. A coupon is an incentive for potential customers to spend their money at your place of business. According to Advertising Age, 86% of all shoppers use coupons. A.C. Nielson Company, a leading marketing research firm, conducted a study that revealed that 95% of all shoppers like coupons and 60% actively look for them.

Advertisers Save Money

No other form of advertising is more cost effective. Seacoast Savings mail process reaches approximately 25,000 to 50,000 homes in each zone. Seacoast Savings is an excellent value at less than three cents per home.

More Customers More Business

Reaching the customer is what advertising is all about. Bringing in new customers, reaching new residents, re-establishing customer relationships are all benefits to offering coupons. Coupons will help you build store traffic whether you are well established or a new business.

Seacoast Savings Magazine Gets Results!

Unlike many other forms of advertising, coupons are measurable and trackable. Simply count the coupons your customers have redeemed to judge the effectiveness of your offer. Getting Results is what Seacoast Savings Magazine is all about.

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