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WELCOME to the new Seacoast Savings Discount Card.
The FREE Discount Card for the Seacoast of NH and So. ME !
    We make Saving Money as easy as 1-2-3 !
    Just Browse our local businesses and their discounts
     to see where you can start saving money !
     Keep checking back to seacoastsavingscard.com often
     for New Deals or Changes.to offers. When you find the
     deal you want go to that business and show them your
     Seacoast Savings Card and you will get the discount they are
     offering at the time. It’s as easy as that ! Make sure you
     keep your card with you at all times. If your not at a computer
     that’s okay you can go to SeacoastSavingscard.com on your
     cell phone and check out the deals as well.
     We will be starting to distribute the cards around the Seacoast
     the end of April and during May. In the meantime you will
     be able to print offers from your computer. If you go to
     SeacoastSavingsCard.com homepage and click on the button
     GET MY FREE CARD it will tell you where you can get the Card !
     You can also send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we
     will mail you a card. The address is on the GET MY FREE CARD
     So you will be able to Print Coupons out from
     SeacoastSavingsCard.com without the card !
     GO TO www.SeacoastSavingsCard.com NOW
     and sign up with your email to receive deals
     and offers from local businesses on the Seacoast !



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